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an Interactive Online Teaching series

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Jazz Piano

A Foundation To Build On

Developing Musicianship is to Play and Practice! Play and Practice is an interactive educational platform designed to provide a solid creative foundation for all 21st century musicians. Play and Practice Teaching Videos, along with student assessment materials, creates a fun and individualized-student-centered learning environment to deliver immediate application and long term success.

Sample Topics

1.  The Transcription Process

2.  Formulas: The Complex Is The Simple

3.  Metronomic Independence: Unlocking Our Inner Pulse

4.  Chop Builder, Hearing 32 Note Triplets

5.  Solo Piano 101

6.  The Meat And Potatoes Of Harmony

7.  Developing The Twitch, Thumb Under Exercises 

8.  The Box

9.  Seeing the Keyboard In Our Mind

10. Left Hand Voicings Made Easy

11. Cutting Through with Clarity 

12. Hand Strengthening Exercise #1

13. Primary Control

14. Developing Touch

15. Economic Fingering and Bebop

The Transcription Process